Why have we lowered our prices?

Why have we lowered our prices?

You may have notice that recently we’ve reduced the prices of all our products by up to 15%.

As a young person experiencing the current cost of living crisis, I wanted to go against the trend and keep Cotswold Fox accessible for all.

Inflation rates are the highest they’ve been for 30 years, mirroring those of 1992 with a 0.6% overall increase every month. This is predicted to continue to rise by another 4% before levelling out, making 2022 the most expensive year in history in which to live. I run Cotswold Fox because I love it, not to make a fortune! For me, it’s so important to go against the trend and to bare this in mind whilst pricing my products, I want as many people as possible to be able to wear and enjoy Cotswold Fox and not to become another ‘elitist’ brand.

As a small business we’re always listening and we aim to be as perceptive as we can.

Happy shopping!

Jemima x

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